Pinsen 15.5.2016

BEST IN SHOW at the Greyhound Club’s Specialty:
BIS SBIS Multi Champion Jet’s Take It Or Leave It – Espen Engh & Åge Gjetnes



BIR – BIS SBIS V Multi Ch. Jet’s Take It Or Leave It- eiere Espen Engh & Åge Gjetnes
BIM – BIS SBIS V AM.N.S Ch. Jet’s Man In The Moon – eier Štěpánka Horáková



BH-2 cert Jet’s Just Don’t Mess With Me – eier Lise Olesen



BH-3 Nord.Ch.NJV’14 KBHJV’14DKVJV’14NV’15 Jet’s Nothing Left To Loose – Tore Berg-Vingen



BH-4 Int.Ch Jet’s Give And Take – Britt Mauer



BT-2 Int.Ch.NV’14NordV’14 Jet’s Take It Serious – Britt Helen Waldum



BT-3 N.DK.Ch. NJV’14NORDJV’14 Jet’s Leaving Me Breathless – Liv M Aastvedt



BT-4 cert Jet’s Just Like Starting Over – Hege Monica Lind



BIR & BIS avlklasse Ch.Jet’s Take It Or Leave It med Jet’s Just Like Starting Over, Ch.Jet’s Just Leave Me hanging On, Ch.Jet’s Give And Take.


Dommerrapport 15.05.2016 – Alain Dumortier;

I was so proud to come for the first time in Norway. The high quality of your sighthounds is known all around the world so I was very excited to discover them. This time was the opportunity to be with my great friend Graham Hill and to meet and appreciate Mrs KRAH-HEIERMANN.

Our guest conditions were perfect and the reception very kind. This place is in a spectacular area and I really saw you live in a marvelous country. I of course have to say all the handlers were very professional!!

But now, let’s talk about your greyhounds. I have to say that I thought to have more subjects. I had not the quantity but what a quality! I didn’t see only one bad dog. You can notice I give Excellent for all greyhounds and I can tell it is not allways like this in all the shows I judge. You have a very high quality.

I’ll just give you my impressions about the subjects I really fall in love.

One of the first I judged was Jet’s Just don’t mess with me. I can tell he was my “coup de coeur”. He was just beaten for the best dog by his father. Harry is well built, he is perfectly balanced and very powerful for his age. He was CC from the Junior Class. The best dog was the great Champion Jet’s Man in the moon, a very spectacular dog with a great body and an exceptional movement.

All the bitches I saw were very closed in quality. I made my classement just on some details. And Mina (Jet’s Take it or leave it) arrived! From the Veteran Class! I felt in love immediately. She was all I’m looking for a greyhound. She has the right type. She IS the type! With a very aerien movement. She became Best In Show, it was such an evidence for me!

This show will have a great place in my memory.

 Thanks to all have been there.

 Special thanks to Ann-Karin and Gro, some excellent moments with them.


Alain Dumortier