Hadeland NMK 2018 resultatene

RESULTATER – 19.05.18 Norsk Myndeklubb

 Dommer Katrin Raie

BIR – Jet’s Just The Way U Are, BIM – Epic Occult

JK. Hann

  1. Eufemos Decuma: Exl,CK – Tore Berg-Vingen

UK. Hann

  1. Epic Occult: Exl,CK,Cert BH1/BIM – Lene Tryggestad & John Sigurd Tetlien
  2. Azravi’s Fly High Classic: Exl – Hilde Hammarlund

CHKL. Hann

  1. Ch. Jet’s Just Leave Me Hanging On: Exl,CK, BH2 – Tore Berg-Vingen
  2. Ch. Nothing Left To Loose: Exl,CK, BH3 – Tore Berg-Vingen
  3. Ch. Epic Narcissistic: Exl,CK,resCert, BH4 – Annalena Almgren & Johan Rosengren
  4. Ch. Azravi’s Double Dealer: Exl – Beathe Schultz & Ivar Aanes


JK. Tispe

 1.Azravi’s Fly Sweet Dreams: Exl, CK – Beathe Schultz

AK. Tispe

  1. Jet’s Just What You Want: Exl,CK,Cert, BT4 – Aslaug Ness
  2. Telegram Another Saga: Exl – Hanne Olstad Midthus, Yvonne Karlsson & Siw-Tonje Bjerkelund

CHKL. Tispe

  1. Ch. Jet’s Just The Way U Are: Exl,CK, BT1/BIR/BIS – Espen Engh
  2. Ch. Azravi’s Double Joy: Exl,CK, BT2 – Beathe Schultz & Ivar Aanes
  3. Ch. Jet’s I Just Can’t Wait No More: Exl,CK – Mari Alver
  4. Ch. Nice Steps Extravaganza: Vg – Britt Schöne-Brodwall

VET. Tispe

  1. Ch. Epic Incredible: Exl,CK, BT3 – Annalena Almgren & Johan Rosengren
  2. Ch. Jet’s Moonlight Serenade: Exl,CK – Espen Engh, Åge Gjetnes & Pauline Oliver


  1. Kennel Azravi: CK – Beathe Schultz & Ivar Aanes


Dommerrapport 19.05.2018 – Katrin Raie;

When you see quality, there can be no doubt.

This is what judges quite often say – I knew my best male/female or even best of breed the moment that dog stepped into the ring. This, however, was not the case when greyhounds started to enter the ring on Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at the show in Gran, organised by Norsk Myndeklubb.

It felt like I had stepped into a time-machine and flown decades back to the era of the Glorious Greyhound. All those beautiful heads, elegant necks, flowing toplines on correct proportions and ground-covering movements just kept on coming to the ring.  The quality of both males and females was excellent.

To give a bit of depth to this remark I have to explain my history in the breed. My first greyhound came to me from Norway in 1999. My first mentor in greyhounds was the late Ms. Kari Nylen who kindly answered all my million questions and sent me greyhound magazines from where I could learn also. So you see I am a bit „old-school“ and quite proud of it too J

Too often we see greyhounds that are too heavy, low on legs with overangulated rears and straight fronts. And these traits do not contribute to the original purpose of an elegant yet strong coursing hound. As a lure coursing judge I can’t stress enough the importance of correct proportions and balance. They really are essential.

So I want to thank the greyhound breeders and owners for making the judging for me so difficult yet so marvellously pleasant experience.  The greyhound population is in good hands and if the fate permits and one day I will have another greyhound in my home, I’m sure I know where to start looking for it 🙂



BIS 1: Ch. Jet’s Just The Way U Are – Espen Engh


BIS 2: N UCH Russkiy Azart Jasmine Atlanta Nemis – Siv-Lene Havold Stene


BIS 3: Cormacs Tariq – Odd & Gunn Marit Myhre


BIS 4: Bonpi’s Marquess of Pembroke – Mylene Væringstad


BIS-Valp: El-adini Bangou – Roger Furuseth


BIS Veteran: Cormacs Limo – Inger-Jeanette Olaussen


BIS Brukshund: Ch. Esbelto’s I’m Worth The Wait – Solveig Mellemsæter


BIS Oppdretter: Kennel Azravi – Beathe Schultz & Ivar Aanes