Hadeland 8.6.2014

Norsk greyhound klubb
Dommer: Holder, Maggie


Estet Classic White Lion – Exc.JK 2. JKK CK
Epic Lasting – Exc.JK1.JKK CK
Azravi’s Double Dealer – Exc.UK 1.UKK CK R.CERT 4.BHK
Blancmange Balzac – Exc.AK 1.AKK CK CERT 2.BHK
Jet’s Take It Easy – Exc.CHK 3.CHKK CK
Gruagach By Choice – Exc.CHK 4.CHKK CK
Jet’s Signed Sealed’n Delivered – Exc.CHK 1.CHKK CK 1.BHK BIR
Jet’s Give And Take – Exc.CHK 2.CHKK CK 3.BHK

Nice Steps Extravaganza – Exc.JK 1.JKK CK
Honey Classic Cala Cavatina – Exc.UK 2.UKK
Azravi’s Double Joy – Exc.UK 1.UKK CK R.CERT 4.BTK
Azravi’s Double Salute – Exc.UK 3.UKK
Another Story Hot Summer Night – VG.AK
Blancmange Belle Epoque – Exc.AK 1.AKK CK CERT 3.BTK
Another Story Tiger Blues – Exc.CHK 4.CHKK
Jet’s Moonlight Serenade – Exc.CHK 1.CHKK CK 1.BTK BIM
Jet’s Take It Serious – Exc. CHK 2.CHKK CK 2.BTK
Jet’s Take It Or Leave It – Exc.CHK 3.CHKK CK
Jet’s Up Up And Away – Exc.VTK 2.VTKK
Another Story Lyin’ Eyes – Exc.VTK 1.VTKK

Judge’s comments:

It was a great pleasure to judge Greyhounds in the beautiful grounds of Hotel Hadeland, first of all thank you to my ring secretary Odd- Inge Skaar who was a great help on this my first time judging in Norway. I had the pleasure of two student judges in my ring, I found the experience very interesting, and I hope they both qualify to judge the breed. The setting was perfect, the weather was fantastic and the ring was a very good size enabling me to assess movement from all directions. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to judge so many greyhounds of excellent quality.

I was particularly pleased with the Best of Breed Jet’s Signed Sealed ‘N Delivered who is a top quality well boned typical male giving the impression of strength and power, his head is classic, with dark eyes and neat ears, with a strong neck into well constructed forequarters, capacious body, deep chest, good forechest and correct topline. His broad well angulated rear quarters with nice low hocks complete the picture. Moved extremely well in profile and coming and going. I was pleased to see him go BIS2 later on in the day under Gabriel Valdez Valdes from Columbia.

The Best Opposite Sex Jet’s Moonlight Serenade was very close up to the winner, I liked her very much indeed, I thought she stood away in the Champion bitch class, but thought the male had the edge with his performance in the challenge for Best of Breed.

In general presentation was very good, there were no bad bites, temperament was excellent, and apart from one or two all were carrying the required amount of weight and had good muscle tone. I do think handling could have been improved in some cases, but it didn’t make any difference to my placings.

Thank you once again for inviting me to judge, for your hospitality and also for the very nice gifts.

Maggie Holder